Thursday, June 29, 2017

Scene of the Grind Review

I promise I'm not on Tonya Kappes's payroll. Lol! I just love her books. They're so fun to read, and her characters are so real. It's fun to delve into the pages of one of her books.

Such is the case with Scene of the Grind. This is the first book in the "Killer Coffee Mystery" series. Book 2 just came out, Mocha and Murder.

Anywho, Let's talk about Scene of the grind.

Recently divorced lawyer, Roxanne Bloom ("Roxie" to her friends) decided to move to her aunt's hometown of Honey Springs to open a coffeehouse there. Coffee was always a great comfort to her during her college days and in the midst of her divorce, so she knew opening a coffeehouse was a dream come true.

Honey Springs is on the verge of reopening their boardwalk area to locals and out of town visitors. The Bean Hive, Roxie's coffeehouse, is in a prime spot right on the boardwalk. Roxie couldn't be happier.

Until Alexis Roarke, owner of the Crooked Cat Bookstore, is found dead. By Roxie, no less. And who quickly becomes the main suspect? Aunt Maxi. So now Roxie has to use her sleuthing skills she'd learned in law school to track down the killer to get her aunt off the hook.

I loved this book! Mrs. Kappes has a talent for getting her readers to absolutely fall in love with her characters. It is so easy to fall right into their lives. They feel like your friends. And you definitely feel that way about the citizens of Honey Springs.

Now, anyone that has read my blog knows that I try to guess the killer before he/she is revealed at the end. I was trying to make what I thought was the least likely person, the guilty party. Everything they said/did I was all, "Mmmm-hmmm. That's because you're a killer." And, "That's suspicious activity, because you're a KILLER!" lol! But I was so very wrong. The killer was a complete surprise to me. I love that.

I definitely recommend this book. It's a page turner, for sure. :)